watch Image Trailer  |  watch Info Trailer The sun influences our internal clock. If I want to stay healthy, I should at least pay attention to it – since our »normal« time can deviate from factual time immensely: Mornings up to ca. 5 hours; Midday up to ca. 3 hours; Evenings up to ca. 5 hours In western Europe, deviations in summer could be as follows: Morning: ca. ±0 hours, Midday: ca. 2 hours, Evening: ca. 4 hours. Astonishing – but that's what happens when a rigid system (time zone time) meets a very dynamic (solar time). Considering these values, every time-based therapy, science or lifestyle comes under question. Our Sundial Simulator → will show you how dynamic the relation between solar time and time zone time can be.

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