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Until further notice sundial and raga app are no longer online. Both apps require complex adjustments that I can not manage at the moment. Also, other projects have priority.

A new / revised version of the sundial app will most likely be available. When – is still written in the stars.

Until then,
Michael Arntz, TASC


  1. Oliver Sabetian
    25. April 2019

    Dear Michael,

    Your Ayurveda sundial app was uncannily accurate insofar as diurnal energies. It was with some dismay to disco ver when migrating mobile phones that it was no longer available. A good friend of mine (and prolific author on Vedic sciences- Andrew Mason) introduced me to the Sundial app. Look forward to the next installment, as and when!

    Best regards, Oli

    • Michael Arntz
      25. April 2019

      Thank you for your encouraging words. Helps a lot.

      I think in the fall I will find the time for the big update. Unfortunately, there will be only an Android version in the future.

      • Oliver Sabetian
        22. June 2019

        That would be wonderful Michael ?

  2. Martha Brandt
    13. May 2019

    Hello, Michael. I too miss your app! Just finally updated a very old operating system on my iPhone and found it was not supported :(. Wonderful especially for tracking sleep and wake rhythms throughout the seasons and with Daylight Savings Time.

    Please redo when you can and let me know :)!

    Thank you,

  3. Andrew
    5. October 2019

    Hi Michael,
    I just updated my phone and lost your sundial.
    Reading the above it seems you will release a new version?
    It’s such a useful app, I was really sorry to see it’s not currently available.
    Hope you can get that back up and running.
    Android is fine.
    This is an amazing bit of kit – I recommend students install it when studying Ayurveda and Jyotish, it really helps them understand what is going on – great work!


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